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Announcing the Siskiyou Seed Online Garden Coaching Course

This is a unique opportunity to upgrade your gardening skills with a bimonthly interactive online course.  We will use the ZOOM platform that enables us to see one another on the screen and ask questions real time.  The program will focus upon a few topics for each class beginning in February included highlighted crops and specific techniques and skills that …

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Invitation to Participate in the Revolution

Time is short people…the integrity of the fabric of creation is being compromised in ways that have severe consequences.  Yet, while most of us are in agreement that something must be done, very few of have a clue as for what to do. This is unsettling. I for one have strong feelings about a number of alarming occurrences happening now …

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The Chaos We Choose to Love!

The Chaos We Choose to Love! Yesterday I was working on juggling chaos and order…decanting 55 gallon vats of fermenting cucumbers and tomatoes to extract their seeds, pouring off the fleshy slop to reveal the beauty of accumulated seeds that settle to the bottom. I’ll paint a visual image if it helps…55 gallons of fruity and cheesy smelling cucumber brew …

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Spring Hope

Greetings! As I write this the nights are long, days crisp and short, great time to reflect on the previous season and fantasize about spring and new potential. The cycles of the Earth bless us with infinite potential for hope, digesting the incredible complexity of seed, soil, sun and water…It all seems so simple, yet we can’t MAKE seeds grow, …

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