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Spring Hope


As I write this the nights are long, days crisp and short, great time to reflect on the previous season and fantasize about spring and new potential. The cycles of the Earth bless us with infinite potential for hope, digesting the incredible complexity of seed, soil, sun and water…It all seems so simple, yet we can’t MAKE seeds grow, we must trust that we have done our best preparing the soil, planting at the right time, fending off those who would like to eat our tender seedlings and that the weather will be gentle. Yet somehow, amidst incredible odds, tiny seeds sprout, push through the soil, grow and fruit, blessing us with their efforts. Miraculous, to say the least. Our successes clearly eclipse our failures! Participating in the miracle of growth and creation is what keeps us coming back for more…. to dance with Mother Earth…to honor the elements…. to acknowledge the power of climate, to taste fresh fruits from the vine, sprinkled with dew, birdsong ringing in the trees, splintered sunlight bathing us in warmth, soft soil between our toes and to share the bounty with friends and family!

Here in SW Oregon we had a sobering deluge of rain from March through mid June that challenged pollination in many seed crops, as honeybees don’t like getting their wings wet. However we were blessed with the latest fall frost in the past 15 years (November 16th!), allowing the hot weather crops to mature nicely. As a result we have over 40 new varieties to share with you. Our commitment to building a sustainable seed movement has resulted in new growers joining our established grower network. We welcome Katie and Casey Kula from Oakhill Organics, Taylor and Sarah Starr from White Oak Farm, and Ben Yohai from Wandering Fields. Please look over our list of seed growers and notice the grower code that you will find with most varieties. It requires skillful, dedicated farmers to produce successful seed crops and we feel very fortunate to be working with these exceptional people.

Thank you for supporting this critical
work. We are grateful to you for the
gift you bring of planting seeds and
helping to grow the Earth grow green.
May your gardens flourish beyond
your wildest expectations!

  1. Sabra Noland
    Sabra NolandApril 10,13

    I am grateful for finding out about this sight!! I will be planting my garden soon here in Lake Charles, Louisiana, this is my first time to grow from seed!! Monsanto and GMO scare the shit out of me, we must protect our food and seeds!! I respect and honor what you are doing and I send my positive energy to you and your people!! Keep up the good work!!

    Love and Gratitude,