Planting Calender for SW Oregon

Well the quickening pulse of spring has awakened all sorts of new life new lambs are being born, red winged blackbirds and western bluebirds have returned and are gracing our ears with their melodious songs, daffodils, violets, nettles growing, the green of the earth deepening and buds swelling and bursting open on trees. Amazing!

Now once the ground dries out some more we can resume planting outside.  I want to encourage us all that no matter how few or many you mange to plant, that you somehow motivate to plant some seeds this spring.  The act is what counts.  Planting seeds invites you into a circle that is timeless and unbroken for millenia into the past and hopeful into the future too.  It helps to define our human-ness, our place within the circle of creation, as creators of abundance.  If you can, plant more than you’ll need and you’ll have some to share!  But even if you only manage to plant one seed, please do so and watch it carefully I garuntee you will marvel at what you learn.  It never ceases to amaze me at the valuable lessons of gratitude and humility I gain from my relationship with the Earth.  Now that I am able to share this process with my 2 children it only reinforces the value in honoring ourselves and the Earth by fostering a gentle relationship with facilitating the new life of plants.

Below is our planting guide, honed over the past 15 years of farming and gardening in SW Oregon where our last frost date is usually 5/15 -> 6/1 and our first fall frost is 10/1 -> 11/1.  Obviously you’ll have to adjust your planting times if you live in a different bioregion.  I supply our calendar for reference.

Happy planting!

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