The Seed Academy, September 10-14, 2014

Join the Seed Academy with master teachers Don Tipping (Siskiyou Seeds) , Bill McDorman (Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance) & Special Guests
Seven Seeds Farm • Williams, OR    –  September 10-14, 2014
An in-depth, hands-on training for farmers, gardeners, educators, entrepreneurs, permaculturalists & anyone interested in becoming a part of the Seed Movement. Learn with the experts. Gain the essential skills you need to harvest & process seed. Learn the fundamentals of plant breeding & propagation. Receive the step-by step tools, strategies & inspired vision required to start or upgrade a seed business. Meet & network with your bioregional neighbors to optimize results.  Seed Academy’s mission is to increase network capacity, collaboration & synergy in the Seed Freedom Movement in the Rogue Bioregion & beyond. Co-sponsored by O.S.U. Extension.

WHEN: The 5 day Event begins Wednesday, September 10 and runs through September 14 at 4pm.  The event is 9:30am through 6pm with dinner to follow and a more open, salon type format after dinner.

WHAT: We invite you to join us for a 5 day intensive training in seed saving, basic botany, reproductive biology in plants, understanding selection, planting seeds, soil mixes, seed germination, isolation, crossing, seed libraries, seed storage, germination tests and much more.  Don Tipping is the lead instructor who brings 20 years experience in organic farming, seeds, permaculture and enthusiastic on-farm education.

WHO: Gardeners, farmers, permaculturalists , those interested in starting a neighborhood seed library or seed bank, those interested in stewarding and preserving heirloom varieties, and all who see growing and saving seed as a wonderful way to grow a positive future. No prior experience is necessary, however, some gardening familiarity will be helpful.

HOW: Course Fee of $775 includes delicious organic meals from the farm, camping, showers, instruction, handouts, field trips and a deeply nourishing dive into co-creating regenerative culture.  In order to support local growers who envision themselves becoming part of a local seed production network we are offering a Locals discount $650.

VISION: The journey with connecting more deeply with seeds as a source point of life begins with seed saving, then progresses to seed growing on a farm or garden preservation scale.  The master level is seed stewardship, cultivating a deep relationship with the species and all of its potential for bioregional adaptation to climate, pests, disease and agronomic & culinary preferences.

We visualize interconnected seed production hubs that are capable of doing breeding, selection, and improvement that work with bioregional centers that can do finish cleaning, climate controlled storage, marketing and distribution of high quality, open-pollinated organic seeds.  In this way we can co-create a sustainable seed system that will support organic food production for local markets and resilient local food systems.  Seven Seeds Farm is home to the Family Farmers Seed Cooperative which is a farmer owned and operated organic seed production, breeding and distribution enterprise.

Click HERE for a link to Event Bee to register and reserve your space in this watershed event.  We expect it to fill to capacity of 25 participants.

SEPTEMBER 10-14, 2014